Alorkpli; What Is It And How Do You Avoid It?


Alorkpli in the Ewe language is a situation in which two male friends who have had intercourse with one lady dies from doing that.

This is when two friends or relatives have an affair with the same lady and one got sick the other visit the person and gets infected leading to him also falling sick and if care is not taken, dies.

Many people have seen this happening as just a myth but in reality, it is more real in recent times than t has ever been.


Why the rise in death of young guys these days?

We might think alorkpli is a superstitious belief or Jesus Christ came to die for old things so it’s not there. My bro and sister are not sure Jesus Christ will be happy if I and my friend have an affair with the same lady.

Our forefathers laid down this culture to put the fear of God into us but today we see it as backward-looking and as a result, there are many weird deaths.

Alorkpli can not be cured at any hospitals but rather some traditional herbalist that can help you with that if only they released it earlier but without that, you can’t make it.


Am sure some of these things that we believe is superstitious belief will rather help us worship God in a truthful way.

Why is it that our fathers when someone is sick in the community and they try finding solutions to the sickness and all prove futile try relocating the person to a place far from home?

How to avoid Alorkple

Looking back at what we have just read about alorkpli, if you want to live long some good lifestyle will come from you.


In other to get rid of the misfortune of alorkpli, you need to make sure you avoid having intimate relationships with ladies that you know your friends or relatives have been with.


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